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Meet Lina

A girl with brown hair and in a light brown coat smiling at the camera.

I am not one of those who have always known what they want to do in life but I am one of those who accidentally found her passion, and in my case, it is the passion for communications. Partly, it came from the intercultural understanding that has been a natural thing for me since a very young age, which then led to me joining an international volunteer organisation with a mission of enriching society through international students - the Erasmus Student Network.


My formal education background in Cultural Studies maybe did not give me a big set of hard skills but it opened my mind even more. Currently, I am still a volunteer on the international level of the Erasmus Student Network and I much rather talk about my work in the organisation than any of my previous paid jobs. Most of the things I know and skills I have now, I got while volunteering, informal learning, and self-teaching. This is only one of the reasons I consider myself a major advocate for volunteer recognition and a communications enthusiast.

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