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Winter - the Most Romantic Season

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In spite of being an unpopular season, winter has more to offer than you would think. Contrary to popular belief, winter could just as well be the most romantic season of the year.
couple in the snow

Winter is coming!

Besides being one of the most exhaustingly overused jokes at the end of the year, along with the likes of the nefarious “see you next year!” exchanged on the 31st December, this is also a dreadful reminder that winter is, indeed, on our doorstep.

Winter is easily the most shunned season, and this was long before Lord Eddard “has- anyone-seen-my-head” Stark (spoilers, by the way) turned it into his family motto on HBO. Among the most common reasons are: the drop in temperature; the increased risk of precipitation; the frozen pavement (although, as long as you’re not the one falling, it’s actually fun - but beware, you could soon find yourself at the slippery end of a karma lesson); and the dreadful “winter darkness”, i.e. the days getting shorter and shorter. Whether studying or working, that usually means that you’ll find yourself getting up in the dark and coming back home in the dark still. Also, it’s raining during lunchtime. Fun.

Winter - the Most Romantic Season

Since people haven’t yet developed a hibernation mechanism, and assuming the Scandinavian countries still exist, it must be because all is not to be thrown down the frozen drain when it comes to winter. Everybody has their reason to enjoy winter. It can be because of the snow, end of year celebrations, family time, the quarrel over the family dinner (okay, maybe not that one), etc…

But for me, there’s a major unexplored reason to look forward to winter. And the reason is no simpler than love! Or if you prefer, the fact that winter is the most romantic season. And I claim this for the following reasons.

1. Cuddling in public

I can already hear some jeering in the back, people telling me: “But that’s what we do in spring! In winter, the most contact you have is when your gloves touch!”, which is correct. However, pay close attention to the couple waiting for the tram next to you. See how they keep each other warm by holding each other close? See how they must minimise head movement to conserve their energy, so they just stare into each other’s eyes?

To be in love during winter is a challenge, and contrary to spring, the romantic attention you give to each other is hard fought for. But just like everything else, it feels even more rewarding. Winter is the only season when love actually warms you both figuratively and quite literally. Also, isn’t one of the most romantic stories of all time set in a frozen context?

titanic gif
Winter - the Most Romantic Season

Granted, you don’t have to go to those lengths.

2. Cuddling in private

With regards to the previous point, you might say that no matter how pleasant it is, you won’t be seen spending the entire winter outdoors. But that’s fine. Indeed, winter is the only season when it’s socially acceptable not to go out. And that’s a relief because frankly, it’s exhausting to have to go outside and pretend to enjoy “nature’s wonders”, like quacking birds or wild wind. Also, we all know what not going out means - Netflix and pizza. Now is the time to enter a puppy eye contest with your loved one to decide who’ll have to answer the door when the delivery arrives!

3. Bonding over each other’s terrible taste in music

Do you remember how your strongly-held belief in soulmates crashed down the moment your significant other started to blast some James Blunt from their speakers? Well, yes, that is a rough patch for most couples. But if you navigate your way through the marches of musical distaste up until the winter period, then a miracle happens: you don’t care anymore. Or, rather, you don’t have to care anymore. Because, as I’m sure you’re all aware by now, the end-of-year celebrations are a time for the worst that music has to offer.

But it’s okay, because secretly, we all love it.

Is your lover interrupting your 5th rehearing of “Last Christmas” by Wham with “All I want from Christmas is you” by Mariah Carey? Don’t give up just yet, you can swiftly counter-attack with a death metal cover of “Carol of the bells” (it actually exists, look it up), then move in for the musical kill with a heavy strike of Michael Bublé’s album of Christmas songs (also actually exists, I’m not making these up! Look for yourselves).

Once both your eardrums have recovered from their severe blood loss, you can both share a laugh and a breath of relief remembering that your relationship is stronger than your common lack of musical taste.

4. Rekindling with your inner child

Snowball fights and snow angels while holding hands. Do I need to say more?

gif in the snow
Winter - the Most Romantic Season

5. Marvelling at everything, together

Ultimately, what makes winter one the most romantic seasons might lie in the realisation that you don’t need some special condition to love one another. Is it necessary to have a wonderful autumn coloration, or the fresh breeze of spring to feel love and that you are loved? Or is the fact that even the most demanding season can still be a catalyst for so many passionate emotions is an indicator that a strong relationship is, in fact, unconditional?

Winter is the most romantic season of the year... alongside the three others. However, personally, it’s my favourite one to feel loved. Which one is yours?