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Cleaning a Greek beach during the Social Impact Days

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After a transformative experience in Lisbon, I eagerly participated in the Social Impact Days in Athens, contributing to cleaning Votsalakia Beach with ESN volunteers and Erasmus students, reflecting on the importance of such activities in creating positive changes.
all with the garbage we collected
all with the garbage we collected

After my incredible experience in Lisbon, I am thrilled to share my adventure as a volunteer during the Social Impact Days in Athens.


From the moment I arrived in the amazing city of Athens, I was eager to immerse myself in another culture and discover the charms of this exciting city. Additionally, I was ready to participate in an inspiring and charitable activity: cleaning up Votsalakia Beach!


We gathered volunteers and Erasmus students to head towards the coast. Once there, I seized the opportunity to conduct some interviews and record videos before we got down to the task of cleaning the beach. I was amazed by the amount of rubbish we cleared from between the rocks... It's evident that this beach, being so popular, sees a lot of traffic. Although we know it will get dirty again, we have left our mark, and that is the beginning of change.

After our charitable activities, I was fortunate to further explore Greek culture and the city of Athens. I visited the most iconic landmarks, such as the impressive Acropolis, and indulged in delicious Greek food as we strolled through the charming streets of the city, with its ancient ruins and lively squares.


These two days have reminded me of the importance of participating in such activities to build a better future. Furthermore, they have made me appreciate even more the incredible work that ESN does, without expecting anything in return.


Thank you, Athens, for this enriching experience!