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Getting to know the amazing ESN Lisbon section for a good cause

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During the Social Impact Days in Lisbon, I experienced an incredible two days of volunteering and surfing for a cause. The ESN Lisbon volunteers were exceptionally welcoming and proactive, helping with everything from accommodation to cultural exploration. The event highlighted ESN's positive impact on Erasmus students and society, fostering connections and mutual benefits. I'm deeply grateful for ESN Lisbon's efforts and hospitality.
photos of everyone in front of the beach
photos of everyone in front of the beach

Today, I’m back on this blog to share my recent experience in Lisbon as a volunteer during the Social Impact Days. It was just two days, but what incredible and intense days they were!


I arrived on the night of the 28th from Brussels, and the next day, at 8:00 AM, I was already ready to participate in a wonderful activity: surfing for a cause!


Volunteers and Erasmus students gathered to head from the center of Lisbon to the beach together. This activity not only allowed us to enjoy surfing, but it also had a charitable purpose: part of the money paid by the participants was donated to social causes, in this case, to Lisbon Projects. It's a clear example of how we can contribute to society while having fun and enjoying a day of surfing with friends.

From the moment I arrived in Lisbon, I felt completely welcomed by its people. The ESN Lisbon volunteers are fully committed to creating these types of social activities and fostering a great Erasmus community in the city. During my stay, I had the chance to talk to many Erasmus students and interview them. They all agreed on the same thing: they are delighted with the activities organized by ESN, the warmth of their welcome, and the dynamism of the section.


And I don’t need the Erasmus students to confirm it; I am certain that the ESN Lisbon volunteers are wonderful people. They were always willing to help me, whether with accommodation, food, or even taking care of my luggage. I am truly grateful for their hospitality and proactivity.


Moreover, after the activities, I also had the immense luck of getting to know a bit of Portuguese culture and the city of Lisbon, accompanied by ESN volunteers. They took me to typical spots where I tried the famous francesinhas, which were delicious, and we explored the wonderful streets of Lisbon with its iconic trams and spectacular viewpoints.


These two intense days allowed me to meet many people and appreciate the impact ESN has on their lives. It is evident that ESN does a great deal of good for society. Everyone benefits: Erasmus students have the opportunity to meet new people, participate in fun activities, and explore the country’s culture; volunteers are part of something big, meeting other amazing volunteers and Erasmus students; and partners can make mutually beneficial agreements.


This trip has reaffirmed my belief in the great work ESN does worldwide and the fantastic community I am part of. I am very grateful to have participated in this activity during the Social Impact Days, and above all, I am very thankful to ESN Lisbon for making it possible and for being so special.


Muito obrigado ESN Lisboa!!!