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Where the past meets the future - AGM Costa Brava

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The Annual General Meeting has officially started!
people in the beach posing for a picture

The biggest and most awaited event of the Erasmus Student Network gathered the volunteers of the Network this Thursday, in the picturesque town of Platja d’Aro, in the heart of the Costa Brava. This is the third AGM organised in Spain, a country in the top list of sending and receiving students through the Erasmus+ Programme. During the next three days, ESNers will explore the opportunities that change can bring into the Network, elect the international board, share their cultures and help building the future.

man at flag parade
AGM Costa Brava

“Erasmus has created the first generation of young Europeans. The Erasmus idea should be compulsory – not just for students, but also for taxi drivers or plumbers” - Silvia llach University of Girona quotes Umberto Eco as a welcome message to #AGMcostabrava participants!

— ESN International (@ESN_Int) March 15, 2018

If the night before the big event felt too long, when the moment arrives and the event finally starts, the butterflies in your stomach start fluttering. Almost a thousand eager faces, representing countries from around the continent, are ready to meet new people, learn and make memories and friends that will last for a lifetime.

people in yellow and red demonstrating
AGM Costa Brava

The preparations for the Flag Parade start with reunions and hugs that feel like a homecoming. Representing not only 40 countries, but a European voice and identity, we embrace the colours of our nations, raise up our flags and occupy the streets. With the smile up to our ears we dance our way to the opening ceremony. Songs and slogans are spreading, creating waves; we feel the dynamic excitement, the feeling that nothing can stop us. The harmonious blend of colours brings us together, united in diversity.

man talking on stage
AGM Costa Brava

“We are wearing colours that symbolise our background, our different cultures. Despite those different colours, when you look into the eyes of the person next to you, even if perhaps you have not met this person, you kind of know that person already. You know this person because all of us joined ESN as we believe in it, because we share a set of common values, a common set of rules of the society.” said João Pinto, President of ESN AISBL, during the Opening Ceremony. 

Together with the superheroes that made this event possible, representatives of the European Commission, of the local community, guests and partners shared their input about active citizenship, the values we share and represent, the potential of youth. Words with a powerful impact proved us that volunteering, the power of passion can make a change in the society.

woman talking on stage
AGM Costa Brava
“The change of experience is not only a possibility, but a responsibility of academic institutions.”
- Silvia Llach, representative of the University of Girona

Furthermore, it is the assumed responsibility of ESN to ensure high-quality mobility for Erasmus students. We are striving to make mobility inclusive, for everyone to become an active part of the society. We work towards the utopian idea of unity, helping to forge an EU identity, building individuals that will build the future of Europe.

“Our organisation had been helping the Erasmus Student Network organise accessible events and adopt the principle of universal design to include people with disability. This is a way to win for everyone” - José María Velarde, @ONCE_oficial foundation @ExchangeAbility

— ESN International (@ESN_Int) March 15, 2018

2018 is the European Year of Cultural Heritage - an opportunity to celebrate, share, embrace, and shape culture. Through our daily events and activities organised on the local, national and international levels, we, the dedicated volunteers, are shaping the cultural heritage we will leave for our children. We are the ones to step into the roles of global leaders. We have to fully realise the power of our potential.

“In the coming days, let’s celebrate our colours, celebrate our values, celebrate ESN.”
- João Pinto, President ESN AISBL

Welcome to AGM Costa Brava, keep an eye on us, we’re just at the beginning!

AGM Costa Brava
AGM Costa Brava