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Five Years of ESNblog

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This month, the ESNblog celebrates its fifth anniversary! We’ve had ups and downs and even in a very complicated year, we never stopped writing. From the ESNblog team, here are the top 5 most-read articles of the year.
happy birthday table
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credit: Jakob Owens

It’s not a surprise that in a year marked by a global pandemic, our most read article is about how to keep yourself entertained while self-isolated. 

ESN flag parade
ESN flag parade

Keeping up the theme in a positive light, in a search for entertainment and knowledge, one of our writers told you how to find the right language and learn it in a fun way. No excuses when we’re bound to our houses!

waiting for the metro

Because this is the ESNblog, an article answering Frequently Asked Questions about Erasmus+ is just the thing that you needed. From “what is the plus in Erasmus+?” to “how to apply?”, everything you need to know in a compact article.

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credit: Mathew Addington

Looking for entertainment during lockdown really was a popular one this year. We will always provide you with tips and tricks to help fight that boredom!

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Five Years of ESNblog

Last but not least, an article about living alone for the first time and how our writer overcomes the loneliness of it all. A really wonderful read.

We’ve had five wonderful years, let’s hope that there will be five more to come. Thank you for reading!